Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Enger Park and Tower, Duluth

A friend at work told me about the Enger Park and Tower in Duluth Minnesota... have you ever been?  Since we already had a trip planned do Duluth for my b-day with no plans... we added that to the 'no plans' plan. It was beautiful, and very peaceful. If I lived in Duluth I would go to this beautiful spot... A LOT! Great place for a picnic, inspiration, sketching, meditating, or relaxing! I love finding new places to explore!  It's right off Skyline Parkway if you ever make it to Duluth I definitely recommend going. The view from the top of the tower is dreamy! 
Thought I'd share the beauty...

Bud even jumped up to catch a breeze... he's so dang cute!

 They even have a giant zen gong you can gong! I loved it =)


What new places are you discovering this summer?

I find I am most inspired and happy when I am changing it up all the time, exploring and taking mini trips to discover new things and places!

Much Love,

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