Thursday, August 4, 2011

On worrying and loving

Sometimes I worry.

About things I can't control.

Things I shouldn't worry about.

And yesterday I did this...

I worried, and worried, and worried about the people in my life that I love.

I let it consume until I felt physically ill.

I want to control everything (WHY?!), make it all right, not let them fall. I want everything bright, and beautiful and sparkly.

I want people in my life to be happy, fulfilled, at peace, full.

I couldn't sleep because the worry was consuming me. So I picked up the book that was sitting on my nightstand "The Power."

The words started to transform my negative thoughts and feelings into light and love.

The worry would try to sneak in. 

But I let love be my dominant thought.

I pushed the worry away.

I gave the worry love, and more love. 

Love replaced the worry.

I thought of all the positive things I wanted, I saw the peace and happiness for those in my life that I wanted it for. I imagined them chasing their dreams, laughing and living life to the fullest.
They had LOVE, lots of it. I imagined buckets of love pouring into their hearts.

It's so super easy to let worry suck you down. 

Today, don't let it.

Let the power of love fill your life with everything you could ever want.

Only you have the power to change how we feel....

So do it!

This video brought me to tears and is a reminder to use love to change your life.
Today is yours! Please listen.

(I'm doing the 30 days of Goddess over here - that's how I got the video!)

Hope your day is amazing! I LOVE YOU! 

So, so much! 

And so does Buddy Bear!


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