Monday, August 1, 2011

Michelle Allen - Awesome Artist!

In February I got a google account and discovered BLOGS! My friend Jen was the only blog I was reading... then I discovered there were tons of artists out there in blog world! I started commenting on blogs... I found Michelle Allen and she responded to my comment with an email and asked if I had a blog?  I thought... me? I don't want people to know about my personal life. But then I started to think maybe I could find camaraderie amongst other artists that would encourage me. And so I started a blog about my art and dreams of 'being an artist.'
(and by that I mean making a living at it =)

Michelle Allen... is one of the blogs I always look forward to reading/seeing. Her paintings are amazingly layered! She's super funky and colorful! 

 I love everything of she does!!! Seriously... when I found her website I bought this clock for my mom and this clock for my brother in law. 

Michelle's website is FULL of great gifts for ANY Occasion! It was my birthday yesterday in case you didn't have a chance to buy me anything (wink wink!) Every time I see this clock it makes me smile!

Michelle is giving away $50 towards any of her gorgeous products on her website!
Oooooooo and who wouldn't want one of her cool soap spitters!


  1. ahhhhh you are SO SO sweet. :)
    thank you. glad you started a blog too! it is such a wonderful way to make friends.

  2. Yes, blogging is the best!! And Michelle is just as cute in person as her art!!!