Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY Inspiration Board

I am taking the Radiant Goddess E-course (which is super amazing if you want to feel radiant!) and one of our tasks was to create a "Radiant Artwork."
Create an artwork or collage using any medium that... that expresses the energy of Radiance!
I didn't really have time to go through magazines and cut and paste so I chose a much easier option.
I logged on to pintrest and found images that meant radiance for me.
And then I downloaded all the pictures and make a quick little collage in photoshop. If I wasn't all computer savvy and graphic designerish I could have just printed each one and collaged them. But... since I'm super awesome and know how to use photoshop I whipped this baby up! And waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh - la!

Instant Inspiration.
Procrastination over (since I made the board on Pintrest a couple of weeks ago)
Released for happiness to be had!
Posted at my desk where I can see it every day!

My collage highlights some of the what inner radiance looks like to me...
  • Making time to be out in nature
  • Eating colorful things
  • Making time for peace (mediation or prayer)
  • Shine my light into this world
  • Make time for art
  • Be my highest self
  • Getting enough rest

What is it that makes you feel Radiant!?

Make an inspiration board this weekend - make it simple! Maybe you draw it with crayons - whatever sounds simple to you!

Create an inspiration board for:
your life
your art
your dreams
your hopes
your home
your summer
your business
your family
your relationship

IN VISION it now =)

Love, Love, Love,


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  1. Oh my gosh! Talk about a sign. I come over here and you are sharing your process with the radiant goddess course. I will be printing that one out later today or tomorrow to begin myself. Your pinterest idea totally rocks and I'm going to borrow it. Thank you for sharing all of who you are.